Best and most popular Pomeranian breeders near me for 2023!

Pomeranian breeders near me and backyard breeders, it would be challenging to find a purebred Pomeranian puppy for sale. Those who have never had a dog before could find this particularly challenging. Be ready to put in some work if you call New York home and want to know who the best Pomeranian breeders are. Despite its small stature, the Pomeranian is a beautiful pet for kids and grownups. This list of Pomeranian breeders represents some of the best businesses in the United States. They are selected according to standards meant to attract reputable and knowledgeable breeders. In this article, we will discuss more Pomeranian breeders near me.

Best Pomeranian breeders near me:

Adopting a puppy from Premier Pups is unparalleled in the United States. You may rest assured that your new Pomeranian puppy has been thoroughly vetted and comes from a reputable breeder. Only designer, purebred, and doodle puppies are available in the tiny breed category. Following are the top Pomeranian breeders near me.

Westchester Breeders:

Adorable Pomeranian pups are available for adoption at Westchester Pups, a reputable business in Westchester, New York. Whether you’re looking for a large or little puppy, they have you covered with their selection of purebred and designer pups. Westchester Puppies cares for each Pomeranian puppy as if it were going to live with them forever. When an adopter brings home their new puppy, they make sure the new owner knows everything there is to know about taking care of their new addition.

Ti Amo Poms:

For nearly twenty years, Ti Amo has been an AKC Registered Breeder of Merit and a member of the American Pomeranian Club, both of which indicate a commitment to breeding dogs of the highest possible quality. Dogs from that family are never kenneled and are constantly introduced to new experiences. Ti Amo is dedicated to the health of its canine companions and never loses sight of the need for a balanced diet. Therefore, dogs are only fed dog chow that has undergone extensive scientific study or food that Ti Amo produces in-house.

Littoral Pomeranians:

LightShine Pomeranian’s puppies are from champion bloodlines and can be purchased in a wide selection of coat colors. The breeder does this as a side gig out of their house. LightShine Pomeranians are adopted with a promise of transparency, integrity, and expert pet care advice. Their New York house is filled with love and care for the Pomeranian puppies they raise, and they are given holistic food and plenty of room to play inside and out. They provide a vast green area for kids to run around in.

AKC-Registered Dog Breeding Facility “Vera Fidei”

The Vera Fidei Kennel is a small Pomeranian breeding operation run by a woman in Staten Island, New York. They are well-known in the dog-breeding world for their canine ancestors’ superiority and their offspring’s positive temperaments. Only sometimes, Pomeranian puppies are available from Ver Fidei because the breeder is a hobbyist. Adopters can contact the breeder via email or Facebook direct message to inquire about the puppies’ availability, deposit amounts, and total cost.

Priceless Pomeranians:

Priceless Pomeranians, established in 1990, is a breeder of Pomeranian puppies. They are renowned for the quality of their white, cream, and parti-colored Pomeranians. Besides their physical health, their dogs’ mental and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance to Priceless Poms. Our research shows that this is one of the oldest Pomeranian breeders in New York.


There’s no denying that pomeranian breeders near me are a breed of dog noted for their loyalty and good disposition. You can’t say no to one of these adorable pups because of their boundless positive energy. If you want to avoid buying a Pomeranian from a breeder in New York, make sure you do your homework on any unknown breeders before committing to a purchase. Too many inhumane puppy mills exist today. Also, you won’t find a happy, healthy Pomeranian for sale here.


How much does a Pomeranian typically cost in the States?

Pomeranian prices vary widely because of the numerous variables that might affect them. When purchased from a breeder, a Pomeranian’s fee can range from $500 to $6,000, with the average cost falling in the $800 to $2,000 area.

Where would be the best place to get a Pomeranian if you were looking for one?

To ensure the breeders featured on our site are trustworthy, a professional crew has investigated extensively, including checking the breeder and their dogs.

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