Everything you need to know about merle Pomeranian!

merle pomeranian

Merle Pomeranian: Many individuals can identify a merle but need to know what to call it. This pattern’s one-of-a-kind and stunning combination of various colors is certain to attract attention to any dog’s coat, regardless of how small it is. This kaleidoscope of colors is ideal for drawing attention to the unique characteristics of the … Read more

Everything you need to know about rare tri color pitbulls!

rare tri color pitbulls

Rare tri color pitbulls coats, several different dog breeds are now popularly referred to as “tri-color Pitbulls,” The term isn’t limited to simply Pitbulls. Primary tones can be found in the color spectrum anywhere from black to violet, with tan and white representing the most prevalent secondary colors. Since breeders enjoy the great interest shown … Read more

Top and best dogs that dont stink for 2023!

dogs that dont stink

Dogs that dont stink: Look at this rundown of pets that won’t leave an offensive scent behind after they’re gone. At some point in their lives, the vast majority of dogs develop what can only be described as an acute sense of smell. However, some dog breeds are infamously known for having a more pungent … Read more